Danielle Pedersen Bio Photo

I am a self-taught ceramics artist who creates vividly expressive jewelry and sculpture for nature nerds across the globe. Having spent my early childhood surrounded by the rivers and trees of the Pacific Northwest, and now residing in a tiny California desert town, my work is a tribute to wildlife, nature, and the myths we create about them. In my work, I hope to remind the viewer that we’re fortunate to live in a world of such abundant wildlife and that we need to take seriously our responsibility to care for it. Ironically, I also feel that it's best if we don't take ourselves too seriously while doing so.

Be it blue walruses with golden stars, pears frowning at unseen annoyances, rabbits resting momentarily on their dandelion-covered haunches: all are brought to life with my unique stylistic working of clay and painstaking application of color and metal.

My creations are made available as I complete them.

Oh, my office-mate/best-friend is Olive. She keeps me company, keeps me sane, keeps me on task, and reminds me to take regular bathroom breaks.

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